“When the war of the giants is over the war of the pygmies will begin”-Winston Churchill

Welcome to the Shadow Wars campaign home page!
Shadow Wars is a 4E home brewed, structured sandbox style campaign set in the Kingdom of Mallorne.

The Fifty Year War has ended but for the Kingdom of Mallorne its problems have only just begun.
The Kingdoms war coffers were emptied and huge debt was accumulated during five decades of war. Unfortunately “Rokhan” (the Goblin Imperium) had vast and highly disciplined armies which were equal to the task when they clashed with Mallorne’s Armies led by their Knightly Orders.
The passing of King Soronto without a clear heir has divided the nobility into two political factions with only the efforts of the great church preventing an all-out civil war. To further complicate matters, the backlash against the nobility fueled by unpaid war debt, has given birth to a terrorist organization calling itself The People’s Liberation Army.
So with a wary eye on Eastmark and the border with Imperium attention turns inward as political unrest between the common folk and the two opposing noble factions heat to a boil.

Shadow Wars

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